Booze and Books, It’s a Winning Combination

I just wanted to take a moment today to give a brief thank you to the Booze and Books Group on Facebook, who this month selected Thicker Than Water, along with Shapes in the Mist by G.R. Yeates, as one of their books of the month.

Thanks guys! And an especially big thanks to Monica Black, who nominated my book. You are, therefor, the best member of the group, Ms. Black.

The Booze and Books Group is a simple group with a simple mission. To celebrate our love of literature and libations. We discuss things like, “What brand of vodka best compliments Dostoevsky?” “How many Dirty Martinis should I have before reading Casino Royale?” and “How fucking drunk was Stephen King when he decided Dreamcatcher was good enough to publish?”

It’s a fun group full of a lot of fun people, and if you feel like having a few laughs and a few drinks with a bunch of writers and readers in cyberspace, come join us.

And as long as you’re joining, pick up a copy of Thicker Than Water and a copy of Shapes in the Mist and join in the discussion.

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2 Responses to Booze and Books, It’s a Winning Combination

  1. Congratulations on the honor. As fate would have it, I’m reading One Night Stan’s at the moment. It’s one heck of a ride. I love the time stamps as chapters and give you all the gredit in the world for having done so. I did it once, too, and vowed to never work that hard ever again. *laughs*


    • Greg Sisco says:

      Thanks, James. The time stamps weren’t very difficult to do, actually. I wrote One-Night Stan’s as a screenplay years ago, so I had a road map to work with while writing the book. Maybe that had something to do with it.

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