The Indie Writer and Artist Chat Show

The other day I posted an update mentioning an idea I had for a chat show I wanted to start doing on this blog. I wanted to talk about it in slightly more detail.

Starting in the next couple weeks, I’m going to be conducting chats with other artists for this blog. These will be video chats conducted using Skype. I imagine we’ll talk for 20-40 minutes, I’ll put all the most entertaining and interesting bits together in an 8-10 minute YouTube video, and then I’ll post it here on the blog.

I already have a couple of guests lined up, but if you’re a writer/artist (more on the “artist” thing in a minute) and you’d be interested in participating, send me an email at I’ll likely conduct the first few discussions starting in a week or so and I want to have at least one edited and posted before the end of the month.

Here are a few stupid questions:

So… wait… this will be, like, an interview show, or… what?

I use the word “chat” because “interview” carries a phony, formal vibe. I’ve seen a lot of “interviews” with authors and they’re dry and uninteresting. I just want to bullshit with other artistic-minded people about why they do what they do, whether they think art is important, how fun Jetskis are, whatever the hell comes up. “Interviews” feel like they’re always the same shitty questions: “What authors do you like?” “How long have you been writing?” “You usually write [good genre]? Why not [stupid genre]?” Blah, blah, blah, fuckin’ blah. I’m more interested in doing a show about “hanging out” with authors where viewers feel like they’re actually meeting us.

But… video? Why video? That’s like… I don’t get it. Why not something different?

I know a lot of writers are more comfortable hiding behind their written words than they are appearing on video and having to rely on their actual biological voices to express themselves. Honestly, I’m among these writers. The fact is, there are a hundred blogs doing interviews where they hand a writer ten one-size-fits-all questions and she tries to pretend she’s enthusiastic about answering them. The questions are never interesting and as a reader I don’t feel like I really get to know the author from reading her answers to a few generic questions. I want readers/viewers to get to know us. The ideal atmosphere as far as I’m concerned would be “A night out with Greg Sisco and [guest] having a couple beers and talking about writing.”

So… you’re saying I should get drunk before I do the interview?

Hell yeah! Why not? I mean, it’s probably best you don’t get plastered, since I’m not sure anybody wants to read a book written by that blathering, pissed-pants lunatic who just spent fifteen minutes screaming into a webcam about boobs, but a few drinks before or during the interview is certainly acceptable, encouraged even. Hell, they do it in Hollywood. They just don’t tell you about it. Those coffee mugs on late night talk shows, they don’t have water in them. (Shhh! That’s a secret.)

Hey, you said artists, but, like, you keep talking about writers. What the hell, dude?

Okay, if you’re an indie filmmaker, or an indie musician, or an indie actor, or whatever, I might be up for a talk. I’m interested in the world of indie art, though I’ll definitely be focusing first and foremost on fiction writing. I want at least 80% of guests to be writers. That said, I’m only interested in indie artists. So if you’re famous, you need not apply. (Just kidding. Please apply, famous people. It would help me out enormously. Nobody knows who the hell all these indie people are. You’re my only hope. I’m begging you.)

So, like, then… what kind of questions will, like… be asked, or whatever?

If you have a book you want to discuss, send me a digital copy of it and I’ll do my best to read as much of it as I can beforehand. As a general rule (guideline, really), I’m interested in keeping everything based around the very broad topic of “art,” but if you want to talk about badminton or string theory or the Gettysburg Address, feel free to let me know beforehand or just bring it up during the interview and we’ll talk about it. I’ll also Google you beforehand, do a bit of research, and jot down a couple things that I’m interested in talking to you about. The interviews won’t be run live, so if part of the conversation doesn’t work I’ll just cut it out in editing.

Wait! What the hell is Skype?

It’s basically an online phone call. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free from As long as you have a webcam, we can make it a video call. I’ll record everything and do the editing. All you need is a webcam (most modern laptops have a built in one) and Skype.

You’re a badass, Greg. When can we do this?

I know I am. Just email me ( to let me know you’re interested and tell me a little about yourself and your art, and we’ll try to set up something soon.

Plenty more info to come. Watch for the first episode late this month. For up-to-the-minute info, ‘like’ me on Facebook.

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6 Responses to The Indie Writer and Artist Chat Show

  1. I have forwarded this to my fabulous and interesting indie writer friends. Good luck with the interviews.

  2. Victoria says:

    Greg, Are you wanting to interview authors who are more edgier, those who follow your mantra(Where Wholesome Comes to Die), or are you planning on including writers of more wholesome material, including perhaps writers of childrens stories( see my latest posted advert for “the Indiana Birdnman”)? That would be good for us all to know.

    • Greg Sisco says:

      Good question. I’m interested in talking to anybody who writes. The genre or tone of the writing isn’t important. That said, the videos will be posted on this site, which an ‘uncensored’ site that isn’t particularly wholesome or child-friendly. So in the case of someone who writes for kids or within a ‘softer’ genre, it’s just a matter of whether you’d be okay with having your name and image on this website.

  3. You’re a badass, Greg! When can I do this? *laughs*
    Alright. I’ll e-mail you either this week or during the weekend and we’ll see what happens. Thanks for the offer.


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