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Jesse Thunderwake: American Icon

Greg Sisco Jesse Thunderwake independent movie posterJesse Thunderwake: American Icon is a mockumentary comedy shot in Austin, TX. The story is a pitch-black satire about trying to break into the show business industry.

Jesse Thunderwake is a dilettante whose ambitions far exceed his talent. He is an aspiring writer, director, actor, singer, song-writer, model, stuntman, etc., etc., etc. When he falls madly in love with a feminist man-hater who he doesn’t realize is a lesbian, he puts together a film production to showcase his talents and win her over. After putting together a cast and crew of morons and misfits who threaten to destroy his production, Jesse finds himself delving into drugs and depression, suffering a show business downfall without ever having achieved celebrity. Jesse’s sardonic brother Blain, an aspiring documentarian, films the downfall and laughs at the expense of his subjects every step of the way.

The film was written and directed by Greg Sisco and stars Greg Sisco, Donald W. Mohr, Jennifer Richman, Bryan Scamman, Jennifer Blair, Andrew Arrasmith, and Dane Seth Hurlburt.

Jesse Thunderwake: American Icon is available to download and stream from Amazon HERE.

You can also check out the original soundtrack HERE, featuring songs performed by Greg Sisco and written by Greg Sisco and Donald W. Mohr.

Gunslinger, P.I.

Gunslinger, P.I.Gunslinger, P.I. was shot in Boise, ID in 2006. The offbeat comedy is a bizarre amalgamation of fantasy, western, crime noir, and science fiction.

Every lowlife, thug, and mob boss knows and fears the ruthless private investigator who calls himself “Gunslinger.” Legends are that the one-of-a-kind detective was a real-life cowboy who was warped through 100 years of time and space after being hit with a meteor. He has since developed a partnership with a none-to-bright ex-con and a loving relationship with a talking car. The film follows five days in Gunslinger’s life as he butts heads with an Irish gangster, feuds with a “modern cowboy,” and waxes philosophical about the truths of life he discovers along the way.

The film was written and directed by Greg Sisco and stars Greg Sisco, Chauncey Butler, Brendon Smith, Amy DePaul, Bryan Scamman.

Gunslinger, P.I. is available to stream for FREE in low-resolution HERE. It can also be purchased on DVD from Amazon HERE or streamed in full quality via Amazon On Demand HERE.

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