One-Night Stan’s Launches with Temporary $.99 Price Tag

Hey fellas!

My second novel, One-Night Stan’s, just became available in the Kindle Store at a temporary Christmas price of $.99 (on Dec. 26 it will be $2.99). This is crime novel and a dark comedy, and it’s absolutely not for the easily offended. Here is the official product description:

Welcome to Scud City, the worst town in America.

The kind of town where when a suitcase packed with money goes missing, college dimwits, punk rockers, a crooked FBI agent, a serial killer, a stripper addicted to torturing men, an un-killable Russian, and a nightclub owner who thinks he’s Frank Sinatra all find themselves in a twisted web of sex, murder, and drugs in pursuit of a nest egg none of them deserve.

And welcome to One-Night Stan’s, the worst strip club in Scud City. Where the floors are linoleum, the air is cigarette smoke, and the night ain’t over till somebody’s dead.

Kicking off at sunset and ending at sunrise, One-Night Stan’s is brutal anarchic fun packed with savage violence, anonymous sex, irrevocable mistakes, and all those other things nice people don’t laugh at.

You can buy One-Night Stan’s here or add it to your lists on GoodReads here. You can also read the first chapter for free here. And once again, be sure to get it by Christmas if you want the discount.

Have one hell of a Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, or otherwise!

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  1. Rainy Kaye says:

    That’s a pretty cool cover.

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