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Free Ferraris in Celebration of April Fools Day

Greg Sisco, the underrated and sacrilegiously attractive young novelist who is writing this article in the third person, announced today that he would give away up to 500 brand new Ferrari 458 Italia’s to anybody who buys his novel One-Night Stan’s on … Continue reading

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Thicker Than Water and One-Night Stan’s now in paperback

You asked for it, I’m delivering. As of tonight, my novels Thicker Than Water and One-Night Stan’s are now available in paperback. For now, both books are priced at only $9.99, or what any sensible human being would call: a goddamn bargain. Thicker Than … Continue reading

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“Jesse Thunderwake” to Premiere at Texas Independent Film Festival

As most of the six people who read this blog already know, I was an independent filmmaker before I was a novelist. At age eighteen, I made my first film Gunslinger, P.I. which I showed you earlier this year for free. … Continue reading

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FREE launch: The Happy Seat – a short story about Valentine’s Day, young love, and executing the mentally handicapped

Hi guys. I am releasing my new short story The Happy Seat today giving it away absolutely FREE for the first day only. You can get your copy HERE in the United States, or HERE in the United Kingdom. (Or even in … Continue reading

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You Are My Sunshine (It’s F***in’ Nighttime)

Here are the lyrics to a popular song, rewritten for everybody who is single and bitter this Valentine’s Day. Feel free to pick up a guitar, sing them, put the video on YouTube, and show it to me. The other … Continue reading

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An Unnecessary Valentine’s Day Blog Post

I’ve never much cared for Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Yeah, that’s probably it. Oh well. Let’s put that aside. Typically I put out a short story or a piece of sketch … Continue reading

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