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Good News and Bad News – What I’m Up To

Hi guys. Just wanted to drop a quick update in here to tell you what I’ve got coming over the next year or so (hit the jump for a timeline). Good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad … Continue reading

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Who Is Jesse Thunderwake?

If you have ‘liked’ my Facebook page (and if not, get with the program) you may have seen a couple posts about Jesse Thunderwake: American Icon over the last few days. While I did discuss this project in detail in … Continue reading

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“Jesse Thunderwake” to Premiere at Texas Independent Film Festival

As most of the six people who read this blog already know, I was an independent filmmaker before I was a novelist. At age eighteen, I made my first filmĀ Gunslinger, P.I. which I showed you earlier this year for free. … Continue reading

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