Your First Taste of One-Night Stan’s

Hi guys.

I’ve said a little bit about my second novel, but I think it’s about time I give a little bit more information. My second novel is called One-Night Stan’s and it will be released in mid-December of this year. I am finishing up the final draft now.

One-Night Stan’s is a crime novel taking place over the course of about nine hours in the fictional town of Scud City, Nevada. When a suitcase full of money goes missing and a group of college kids stumble across it, cops, serial killers, gangsters, strippers who moonlight as hired guns, terribly unprofessional FBI agents, and a very tough Russian all find themselves part of an enormous bloodbath in pursuit of the cash.

Here are a few paragraphs from One-Night Stan’s:

In high school circles, Daniel was what’s referred to as a “faggot nerd.” This rare breed of socially awkward individual is characterized by moderate to high levels of book smarts, lack of friends and acquaintances, an inability to talk to attractive women, and a fondness for sweaters.

A faggot nerd’s parents have an easy job during his high school years, as the child will score high marks in his classes, maintain an active relationship with family members, and never stay out late due to his sometimes catastrophically diminutive social circle. Aside from his perpetually fluctuating opinion of self-worth, the faggot nerd is a parent’s wet dream.

When he graduates high school and moves on to college, a faggot nerd often undergoes a metamorphosis wherein he reinvents himself to appear more appealing to his new peers and, in particular, to women.

The faggot nerd’s belief—or ‘theorem’, as a faggot nerd might say—dictates that the lives of jocks, cheerleaders, and other popular high school students are lives that will peak at graduation, while the faggot nerd will reign supreme in the long run. This is a kind of mantra repeated ad nauseam in faggot nerd culture, but by looking at Daniel side by side with Caleb it could be determined that the Faggot Nerd Theorem had its exceptions.

More information on One-Night Stan’s and other projects will be posted on this blog in the coming weeks, as well as on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Subscribe to any of these pages to be notified when the book becomes available.

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